Several members of the Harvey Golden Age Club returned from the 2014 State Senior Olympics with medals in their age categories.

The medal winners are: Shirley DeSalvo, silver in shuffleboard singles; Joye Duhe, bronze in shuffleboard singles; Dolores Jeandron, gold in washer pitch, distance throws, football accuracy and shuffleboard singles, and bronze in softball throws, basketball throws and shuffleboard doubles; Jane Marchese, bronze in washer pitch; June Olano, gold in bowling doubles, shuffleboard doubles and miniature golf, and silver in bowling singles and washer pitch; Elda Olsen, gold in bowling doubles and shuffleboard doubles, and silver in miniature golf; Geraldine Palisi, gold in basketball free throws, baseball distance, horseshoes, shuffleboard singles, discus and shotput, and bronze in football accuracy and baseball accuracy; Mac Palisi, gold in washer pitch, baseball and football throws, silver in Frisbee throws, and bronze in baseball throws; and Marie Trosclair, bronze in shuffleboard singles.