A routine traffic stop turned into a car chase and shootout with police late Tuesday night in New Orleans, according to a New Orleans Police Department press release.

Around 11:30 p.m. officers pulled over a white Malibu for failing to use his turn signal to change lanes. After stopping the vehicle at the corner of Alvar and Chickasaw, the suspect fled from the officers as they approached the vehicle.

The officers pursued the vehicle, and during the pursuit the suspect threw something out of the vehicle. The officers in pursuit beleive it to be a firearm.

The suspect stopped at Broad and AP Treaud, where he began firing at the police officers. The officers returned fire.

No officers were hit and they don't beleive the suspect was injured either.

The chase then continued until the vehicle stopped at Abundance and Bruxelles Streets, where the suspect exited the vehicle and fled into the neighborhood.

A perimeter was set up and searched, but the suspect managed to escape.

Officers found a handgun at the scene of the vehicle during a search and are also searching the area where they saw the suspect throw something out of the vehicle.