NEW ORLEANS — The state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education approved policy changes at a meeting in New Orleans on Wednesday night regarding the new “OneApp” process and the effort to expand the streamlined enrollment to more schools.

This year, the application process was applied to all schools under the state-run Recovery School District. Orleans Parish direct-run schools will participate in the process in the 2013-14 school year.

The vote approved a recommendation that all charter schools under BESE authority participate in the third year of the OneApp, which would be launched for enrollment in the 2014-15 school year.

The only schools that would not be affected are 12 autonomous charter schools governed by the Orleans Parish School Board. The board has publicly urged them to participate, but none have agreed to join the OneApp system thus far.

The board is to return with additional details by April.

The same policy revision recommended unifying the student expulsion process for all charter schools participating in the OneApp enrollment system, thus ensuring that each student recommended for expulsion would be measured by identical expulsion standards and equal due process.

Also approved was an extension of the deadline for the eligible RSD schools to notify BESE of their intent to return to the OPSB. The Dec. 1 deadline was moved to Jan. 7.

The extension is intended to give parents, the community and the OPSB more time to discuss the decisions due to the late release of the School Performance Scores.

After release of the scores, 13 RSD schools met the standards required to have the opportunity to return, if their individual boards vote to do so.