Including Friday, the total number of shootings in the past 10 days sits at 15 in New Orleans, according to New Orleans Police Department press releases.

Tracking of the NOPD's major offense logs shows a total of 15 shootings for the Crescent City in the month of July. Not all of the shootings were homicides.

In an article published last week, New Orleans Advocate writer Jim Mustian took a closer look at the sharp spike in killings in the New Orleans area this year. Through the end of March, police already had investigated 45 killings, more than in any other three-month stretch since the bloodshed began to decline in 2012.

WWLTV has a real-time map of murders in New Orleans for those who wish to keep tabs on it.

Advocate blogger Jeff Asher explains in his Behind the Numbers Blog that sticking to just murder as a statistic to track gun violence just isn't a good system. By focusing on murder, evaluators are largely ignoring non-fatal shooting incidents that didn’t end in a fatality largely by random chance.