A subpar pass-fail ratio on the Louisiana board's nursing exam has prompted Dillard University to stop accepting new students to its nursing program, according to WWL-TV.

“Right now, our current pass rate is 50 percent,” said David Grubb, director of communications. “We need to get to that 80 percent number.”

The admission freeze takes affect for the 2017-18 school year.

“Students who are freshman right now who’ve applied and been accepted, they’ll still be able to go forward,” Grubb said.

By not accepting new students, Dillard will be afforded time to examine its program and diagnose exactly what ails it.

“We are evaluating everything from what the school does curriculum and teaching-wise to trying to get a profile of those students who are successful,” Grubb said. “But ultimately we will be judged by those scores. We are confident that what we are doing now will not be easy in the short-term but is what's best for the program in the long term.”

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