NEW ORLEANS — Samuel J. Green Charter School held its annual third-grade Market-to-Table event, one of the Edible Schoolyard New Orleans’ many grade-level “edible experiences” offered to students across the FirstLine Schools network of five schools.

Staff, students and local chefs formed teams and visited the Crescent City Farmers Market, where the teams used $15 in market tokens to shop for local ingredients for a dish each team will serve to their parents back at the Green School Café.

After “makin’ groceries,” each student-chef team created a special dish in the Green School Teaching Kitchen and Lower School Courtyard at Green Charter School, then enjoyed a multi-course lunch with their families. Local chefs that took part included Woody Ruiz, of Woody’s Fish Tacos; Linda Green, The YaKaMein Lady; Jackie Blanchard, Restaurant August; Todd Pulsinelli, Besh Steak; Mason Hereford, Coquette; Mike Doyle and Jess Stokes, Maurepas Foods; Gary Granata, Slow Foods; and Jeff Baron, Crescent City Pie and Sausage.