Archbishop Chapelle honors athletes _lowres

Photo provided by Archbishop Chapelle High School—Scholar Athlete Award winners at Archbishop Chapelle High School are, front row from left, Hannah Glynn, Kaitlyn Kain, Madison LaCoste, Jenna Pepiton, Samantha Sanchez-Padron, Emilt Totaro and Kerri Wetzel. In the second row are Lindsey Tizzard, Michelle Lee, Ashley Livaccari, Brittany Bedran, Amber Nillen, Teresa LaCour, Alyssa Leal and Kayla Small.

Archbishop Chapelle High School recently presented Scholar Athlete Awards to junior athletes with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.8 who competed in at least one sport during the 2015-16 school year. The Scholar Athlete Award winners are Brittany Bedran, Hannah Glynn, Kaitlyn Kain, Madison LaCoste, Teresa LaCour, Alyssa Leal, Michelle Lee, Ashley Livaccari, Amber Nillen, Jenna Pepiton, Samantha Sanchez-Padron, Megan Siguenza, Kayla Small, Paola Tejeda, Lindsey Tizzard, Emily Totaro and Kerri Wetzel.

Chapelle also honored senior athletes for their hard work and dedication: Emily Belanger, Caitlyn Bernard, Savannah Boudreaux, Jordyn Casiano, Alexis Cosse, Gabrielle DiBartolo, Kaylin Groce, Lauren Guillot, Natalie Hester, Karrington Johnson, Kayla Jones, Sarah Jones, Emily Kennedy, Erin Leaman, Sarah Ledet, Katie LeRouge, Hannah Lovrovich, Kaylee Madron, Samantha Mracich, Brooke Nicolini, Lyndsey Sallinger, Linsey St. Pierre, Noel Strauss and Meredith Zorn.