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Photo provided by Animal Rescue New Orleans—OJ is very playful and active and he loves to chase his toys and his roommates and have fun. The adoption fee is $85 and includes neuter, 2 rounds of fcrvp, dewormer, rabies, a combo test and a chip. For information, contact

Most people are not fond of opossums. They consider them to be vile rodents. However, these little creatures are not rodents at all. Rather, they are marsupials, like kangaroos and koalas, and carry their babies in a pouch after giving birth. In fact, they are North America’s only marsupials. While we may be turned off by opossums, once we learn a little more about these animals, and the benefits of having them around, perhaps we can tolerate coexisting with them. Opossums are very adaptable and can live just about anywhere and eat just about anything. From mice to insects to trash, they are not picky when it comes to a meal. Opossums also do not have a problem sleeping in an open shed or car, or in a tree.

It actually is beneficial to have one hanging around the garden, as they will eat slugs and other pests that are harmful to plants. They also eat snakes — even venomous ones — which is good news for humans who are afraid of snakes. Furthermore, they are pros at destroying ticks. Opossums constantly groom themselves and remove (and eat) thousands of parasites, such as ticks, each year.

It is a common myth that opossums spread rabies. However, this is false. Opossums do not contract or spread rabies. Because their body temperature is slightly lower than that of other mammals, the rabies virus cannot take hold.

They are actually very clever animals. A cool characteristic of the opossum is how it plays dead in the face of danger. It will flop over, roll its eyes back, stick out its tongue and release a foul-smelling fluid from its anal glands. They flop over, roll their eyes in the back of their head, stick out their tongues and release a foul-smelling fluid from their anal glands. This defense mechanism is a great way to deceive a predator. The next time an opossum makes his presence known, think twice about “getting rid” of him.


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