Report: Mayfield orchestra owes an additional $150K of misused library foundation funds _lowres

Irvin Mayfield's jazz orchestra reportedly owes another $150,000 to the New Orleans Public Library Foundation.

The saga of Irvin Mayfield's jazz orchestra and its absorbtion of over a million dollars of Public Library Foundation money seemed at an end when a repayment plan was agreed to in May, but there may be more to answer for.

According to a report from WWL-TV, the Public Library Foundation is calling for an additional $150,000 that Mayfield allegedly redirected through a third non-profit of which he also sits on the board. The non-profit, called the Youth Rescue Initiative, provides "safe havens for at-risk youth to learn and develop computer skills,' according to its website.

“And the common denominator is Irvin Mayfield,” said Rafael Goyeneche to WWL-TV, whose Metropolitan Crime Commission began investigating the payments from the Library Foundation to the Jazz Orchestra in 2013. “He is on the Library Foundation board. He is on the Youth Rescue Initiative board. And he’s employed by the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra.”

Mayfield's organization had agreed to "aggressively move forward" to repay the money, which came to $1.03 million.

$483,000 was set to be paid back in payments over the next five years, and the remainder was to be paid back as in-kind contributions resultant from events like fundraising concerts. Any balance remaining after five years was to be paid in cash.