UNO Reeves Martin pitches during the baseball game between UNO Privateers and LSU Tigers at Maestri Field at Privateer Park in New Orleans, Tuesday February 21, 2017.

Advocate Staff Photo by SOPHIA GERMER

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — High school students aiming to go to college are learning the science behind fastballs and home runs.

On Saturday, about 80 students involved in Upward Bound will be at the University of New Orleans to learn from UNO baseball players and students about how science and engineering affect the game.

They'll learn about concepts such as kinetic energy and how materials in the bat or ball affect things like hitting or pitching.

The students will also take in an afternoon baseball game at UNO.

The day's events are part of the college's Inside Sports program which aims to teach students about the role science and engineering play in sports.

Upward Bound is a program designed to help students from low-income families or families where no one has been to college.