A gay woman said she was refused service at a Family Dollar on Canal Street and Broad Street because of the cashier’s “disdain for gay people,” according to a report.

Melissa Langford, who has frequently visited that Family Dollar store, told WWL-TV that she had to speak up “because I couldn’t take it anymore.”

Langford posted a video of the incident on Facebook. In the post, Langford said that while standing in line to check out, she heard the cashier “loudly voicing her opinion on how much she hates gay people.”

Warning: Video contains some graphic language

In the Facebook post, Langford said she told the cashier that she was gay and that the cashier was offending her. The cashier became upset, Langford wrote, and refused to serve her and the person in front of Langford, who was “defending gay people.”

Langford told WWL that she spoke to a manager about the incident. Ultimately, another cashier served Langford and the other person in line, WWL reported.

"I think everybody's entitled to think what they want, but as a representative of a company, like a national chain, it's completely inappropriate and a blatant disregard for other people's feelings," Langford told WWL.

WWL reached out to the Family Dollar store, and the manager on duty did not know of the situation, the station reported. An email to the store’s corporate office was not immediately returned.

Langford’s original Facebook post has been shared more than 1,500 times as of Monday morning.

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