METAIRIE —The Krewe of Argus staged its annual Galaxy Ball Friday evening in the Great Hall of the Pontchartrain Center.

The theme of this year’s festivities was “Argus Memories,” focusing on favorite themes from the past 40 years.

Captains Lawrence Chehardy and Robert DeViney called the evening’s celebration to order. The pageantry began with the presentation of colors by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Honor Guard and the singing of the national anthem by the Rev. Beth Tu’uta.

Reigning as queen of the ball was Miss Lydia Louise Netterville, daughter of Honorable Susan Chehardy and Mr. Bruce Netterville. Reigning as Argus XXIX was the Mr. Raymond John Brandt.

Her majesty made her entrance in a truncated v-neck gown of beaded gold lace over gold brocade. The dress was styled with a traditional Medici collar of gold matching lace, trimmed with hand set Austrian rhinestones and drop crystals. The queen’s dress was adorned with rhinestone appliques. The white velvet mantle featured the Krewe insignia trimmed in white ermine. Miss Netterville wore a custom designed crown and matching gold scepter.

His majesty was attired in a cream color silk brocade tunic which complemented his queen in style and trim. The traditional tunic style costume was accented in hand set Swarovski crystals. His mantle matched that of his queen. His royal attire was complete with an original design crown and scepter. Embedded in his crown were symbols held special to him.

Maids to her majesty were Misses Kincy Nicole Gibson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Greg Gibson; Bailee Alexandra Bellevue, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Bellevue; Jennifer Ellen Madden, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Madden; Olivia Eileen Bolotte, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Craig Bolotte; Hannah Eileen Donnell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Donnell; Olivia Gail Hux, daughter of Mrs. Paula Hux and the late Troy Hux.

The ladies in waiting in her majesty’s court were: Miss Alexis Carroll Hartline, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Hartline and granddaughter of the king and Miss Emma Elizabeth Lion, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Lion.

Royal princesses to her Majesty were Misses Chloe Elisabeth Barach, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Barach, Caitlin Celeste Chauvin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Chauvin, Charlotte Ashley, Chloe Ann and Christen Elizabeth Chehardy daughters of Dr. Charles Chehardy and Ms. Pamela Chehardy and cousins of the queen, Arabella Grace Hinyub, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hinyub, Lillian Elizabeth Quarles-Miller, daughter of Ms. Jillian Quarles and Mr. Norman Miller, AvaGrace DeDe and Mirabella DeDe Nichols, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Koy Nichols, Layla Rose Percy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Omar Percy, Analise Amaria Plunkett, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Plunkett, Isabella Maria Provenzano, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Provenzano, Jr. and Isabella Marie Randazzo daughter of Mr. Sal Randazzo, Jr. and granddaughter of our king and Stella Grace Wahl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Wahl.

Her majesty’s court was completed with her pages: Miss Isabella Claire DePaula, daughter of Drs. John and Alica DePaula and cousin of our queen, and Madeline Anne-Marie Lirette daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Lirette.

Squires to his majesty were Masters Jackson Bates Hinyub, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hinyub, Maximo Jerard Nichols son of Mr. and Mrs. Koy Nichols, Lucas Patrick and Tyler Alan Wahl sons of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Wahl. Page to the King was Jacob Thomas DePaula, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert DePaula and cousin of our queen. The Kings court was completed with his knight, Zachary Shawn Hartline, son of Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Hartline and grandson of our king.

A highlight of the evening was welcoming back as honored guests the monarchs from past years. Those monarchs were: Mr. Patrick Bossetta Argus IX, Honorable Dr. Gerry Cvitanovich, Argus XIV, Honorable Daniel Martiny Argus XIX, Queen Argus XIX Alana Lincoln, Queen Argus XXVI Meredith Chehardy and her king, David R. Sherman Argus XXVI.

The captains began the night with the sound of their whistle as they entered the ballroom in traditionally styled black velvet tunics. Their costume was complete with stand-up collars and matching floor length capes. They wore a traditional rhinestone dome with black fantasia plumes with black mask and drape. The capes were accented with silver beading and rhinestone appliques in the shape of a fleur de lis.

After the presentation of the court, members and guests enjoyed an evening of music and merriment.

Officers and board members in attendance were Messrs. Donald Baudouin, Charles Cherry, Lawrence Chehardy, Kevin Cox, Chip DeLanzac, Robert DeViney, Don Giroir, Stan Howat, Bill Kraus, Todd Murphy, Ronald Passons, Rolando Sandoval, Scott Sewell, Ben Zhan and Mmes. Ray Calamari, Lawrence Chehardy, and Paul Schott.