Attorneys for noted local breast surgeon and alleged rapist Dr. Alireza “Ali” Sadeghi asked an Orleans Parish judge on Tuesday to hold a closed-door hearing over the past sexual history between the doctor and his accuser, some of which he allegedly videotaped.

Sadeghi’s attorneys said Tuesday they are pressing toward a quick August trial date for Sadeghi following his indictment last month on rape and video voyeurism charges.

Sadeghi, 40, said nothing in court as a prosecutor for Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro’s office reported that the doctor’s attorneys have received myriad photos and other evidence from various electronics that authorities seized from Sadeghi last September.

Assistant District Attorney David Pipes told Criminal District Judge Laurie White that more would be turned over this week. Michael Magner, one of Sadeghi’s attorneys, told White that he is still waiting for a police report and a search warrant.

Sadeghi has pleaded not guilty to rape and video voyeurism charges, accused of sexually assaulting and videotaping sex with the woman between 2011 to 2014.

Prosecutors with Cannizzaro’s office have said they also found numerous images of child pornography on Sadeghi’s electronics, and that he secretly shot naked photos of his patients during surgery.

In an initial motion filed Tuesday to suppress the images, Magner claimed the “extremely large quantities of property and digital media” were seized illegally, and that authorities “likely violated” state and federal law over handling confidential health information.

Pipes did not immediately oppose the motion, saying he had just received it.

In the meantime, Magner also asked White to hold a closed hearing on a motion by Sadeghi to “introduce evidence of a past sexual relationship between the complaining witness and Dr. Sadeghi” prior to the scheduled Aug. 22 trial.

Sadeghi’s attorneys argue that his prosecution is the result of a civil domestic dispute.

Sadeghi’s attorneys claim the photos of patients, for which he has not actually been charged with a crime, were taken only for clinical purposes. Magner said they are designed only to “shame and humiliate” the doctor, who has won accolades for his work with breast cancer patients.

“We believe what the evidence is going to show is pictures of ... the defendant’s own children as toddlers,” Magner said last week of the alleged pornography. “There’s nothing prurient about it, nothing lascivious.”

Magner declined Tuesday to discuss the contents of the evidence that Cannizzaro’s office has turned over so far.

White last month reduced Sadeghi’s bond from $2 million to $200,000, which he posted.