Cabrini High School science teachers give presentation at conference _lowres

Photo provided by Cabrini High School—Cabrini High School science faculty members attending the Louisiana Science Teachers Association event are, from left, Kathy Gosciniak, Bonnie Schneider, Ann Smart, Lauren Holstein, Lisa Surgi and Patricia Pepper.

Science teachers from Cabrini High School in New Orleans gave a presentation on “Science Vocabulary Made Simple” during an education conference Nov. 11 in Baton Rouge.

The conference brought together members of the Louisiana Science Teachers Association and the Louisiana Teachers of Math.

“We started simplifying the often difficult terminology of science and math as we realized our students understood the concepts better when the meanings of the terms were readily apparent,” said Ann Smart, science department head. “Once we simplified the terminology, the students’ ability to grasp the concepts improved, (as well as) their ability to comprehend and build on previous concepts learned.”