Kitten season brings an increased need for foster care _lowres

Photo provided by Animal Rescue New Orleans—Bingo has warmed the hearts of all the volunteers since arriving at ARNO in January. He is a caretaker makes sure his kennel mate and other kitties are well taken care of. This adorable lap kitty is always there to make days brighter with love and affection. Bingo is approximately four years old and very healthy. He is current with all of his shots and is available for adoption.

The number of newborn kittens arriving at shelters and rescue groups spikes in the spring and summer. With nearly 60 kittens in Louisiana SPCA foster care and about 50 more on the waiting list, additional foster homes and supplies are needed.

Cats must be at least three pounds before they are eligible for adoption, so there is always a need for kittens to go into foster care while they grow to this weight. Members of the Kitten Krewe care for litters that usually consist of two to five kittens between the ages of 1 and 5 weeks. While the majority of fosters needed during this time are for the Kitten Krewe, the LA/SPCA also sees an increase in puppies brought to the shelter.

For those who want to help but cannot participate in the foster program, please consider donating the items listed below:

  • High-quality canned and dry kitten and puppy food (Wellness, Merrick, Blue, Taste of the Wild, Science Diet, Iams).
  • Cat litter and small litter boxes.
  • Heating pads.
  • Kitten formula (Kitten Milk Replacer).
  • Small plastic or wire carriers.
  • Puppy playpens.

If you find a litter or single kitten, step out of sight from the kittens and see if the mother comes back. If the mother returns, leave the kittens with her until they are properly weaned. If the mother does not return, immediately remove the kittens.

To make a difference in the lives of kittens and puppies throughout New Orleans, visit or contact Allie Mayer at allie Donated items can be dropped off at 1700 Mardi Gras Blvd. in Algiers from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday and from noon to 5 p.m. Sunday. Monetary donations can be made online at; include the word “foster” in the comment section.