Police booked Andrew Hoang, 22, on Thursday in connection with an attempted armed robbery at the Rite-Aid store in the 5600 block of Bullard Avenue in New Orleans East. According to an arrest report, Hoang walked into the store and took several items off the shelves, then started to leave.

The manager told police that when he followed Hoang and asked him to pay for the items, Hoang started tossing Trojan condoms, a Trojan “penis ring” vibrator, baby pacifiers and baby spoons on the ground. Then he pulled out a black handgun and asked, “You want this too?”

As Hoang left the store, the manager told police, he pointed the gun at the manager to prevent him from catching a license plate number.

But Hoang made one mistake, according to police: Along with the assortment of sex devices and child-rearing gear, he also accidentally tossed out his iPhone.

As Detective James Kish and another officer were investigating the crime, a woman walked up to the store asking whether anyone had left an iPhone there. She quickly confessed that her boyfriend was in the parking lot. Police said they then encountered Hoang circling the parking lot in a silver Lexus.

Seeing a gun near the driver’s seat, police said, they pulled Hoang out of the car. A black Heckler & Koch .40-caliber handgun with a magazine and a round in the chamber also was taken from the car. The store’s manager identified Hoang as the attempted robber.

Police said they also booked Hoang on resisting arrest and attempted simple escape because he refused to give officers his hands to be cuffed and then tried to move the links to the front of his body.

Hoang is being held on $125,000 bail.