Two alcoholic beverage companies questioned for their involvement in plans for a new soccer complex at Audubon's "The Fly" Park told WWL-TV that they haven't gained an unfair advantage over other companies.

The potential conflict of interest, brought to light by WWL-TV, is that Audubon Nature Institute board member Jeffrey Goldring is a part-owner of both companies -- Crescent Crown and Sazerac Co -- and board member Paul Fine is a director of both companies.

"Sazerac only does 14 percent of liquor and wine purchases at Audubon facilities and is only the fourth-leading vendor,” said the Crescent Crown director, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to WWL-TV. “And Crescent Crown is the preferred vendor for beer, but the choices are not limited for consumers, and they can choose any beer product for their catered events at Audubon.”

Earlier this week, Audubon lawyers agreed to throw out a specific part of the controversial "The Fly" contract, saying the complex's managers should buy beer and wine from Crescent Crown and, "wherever possible,” to sell alcohol brands owned by Sazerac.