A couple who tried to help a woman in distress was rewarded with a gunshot on Wednesday evening, Jefferson Parish deputies said in a booking record.

The “concerned couple” happened upon 32-year-old Joshua Sadowski in the 600 block of Dodge Avenue in Elmwood about 4 p.m., deputies said. The couple said he was in a “loud verbal argument” with a woman, who “appeared to be in distress.”

When the couple tried to intervene and offer the woman a ride, deputies said, Sadowski got into an argument with the unnamed male of the pair. Authorities allege that hot words were not enough for Sadowski, who went back to his vehicle and retrieved a semi-automatic handgun.

At that point, according to Deputy Paul Theriot, Sadowski pointed the gun at the man, racked it, and fired once. Neither the man nor anyone else around was hit by the bullet, deputies said.

Authorities said that Sadowski fled the area but was arrested shortly after a few streets away. He has been booked on counts of illegal use of a weapon and aggravated assault.