A 30-year-old father of four was shot and killed just before noon Thursday in New Orleans East, according to police and the victim’s father.

Officers responding to a report of a shooting found the man lying in the front yard of a residence in the 6800 block of Tara Lane, near a grassy, overgrown lot. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Authorities did not officially confirm the man’s identity, but several people on the scene said the victim was David Williams, a resident of the block.

Terry Simpson, 55, said he was Williams’ father. From what he was able to gather, he said, his son was involved in a fistfight with someone, who then went inside a residence to retrieve a gun, came back out and shot him.

Williams’ pregnant girlfriend heard the shooting and rushed out to help, Simpson said, but was unable to save him. Officers later took the distraught woman away in the back of a police SUV.

Sweat streamed down Simpson’s face as he talked about his son under the midday sun.

He said Williams worked as a temporary employee at a coffee plant and also helped out around his family’s restaurant for extra cash.

It was about 6:30 a.m. Thursday when Simpson saw his son last. Williams had gone to his father’s house in Gentilly to borrow money to buy a part for his truck. He was excited about fixing the truck and was in good spirits.

The two talked about “nothing in particular,” Simpson said. “Small talk. How he was doing. How he was making out.”

Nothing seemed wrong, Simpson said, and nothing gave any indication that his son would be dead within hours.

Simpson went to work at his Uptown restaurant, then rushed to New Orleans East when he got word of the shooting.

Police have not named any suspects in the killing.

“They’re investigating. That’s all they’re saying,” Simpson said.

Police asked anyone with information to call Homicide Detective Robert Bachelder at (504) 658-5300.