The International School of Louisiana, Camp Street campus, offers Mandarin Chinese classes in addition to Spanish and French. For physical education, the students study circus arts. Those unusual specialties came together Jan. 17, when the school was visited by four Chinese acrobats and their Mandarin-English translator.

The acrobats performed two shows to the assembled student body in the cafeteria. The performance included spinning carpets and plates, Chinese yo-yos and the juggling of big ceramic pots and straw hats.

A contortionist balanced glass trophies; the students’ favorite was an act called “the man of many faces.”

Proficient Chinese speakers from the ISL Middle School program welcomed the acrobats in Chinese before the second show, a gesture that brought smiles to the performers’ faces.

Select circus arts students had the special treat of meeting with the Chinese acrobats after the show to show off some of their performance skills.