Artwork created by Gretna second-graders has been printed onto metal panels that are part of a water-filtration system in Bunaken, Indonesia.

Architect Elizabeth Chen designed and constructed the water-filtration system, which filters rainwater into clean drinking water. Chen chose second-graders in Mary Rooney’s class at Young Audiences Charter School at Kate Middleton to create the monochromatic abstractions of the water cycle seen on the outside of the facility.

David Bordelon, now in third grade, discussed his work recently during the closing of an exhibit of YACS student artwork Oct. 25 at Longue Vue Gardens. Also, Chen presented a slide show on her work in Indonesia.

Rooney made the project part of an arts-integrated lesson about the water cycle of evaporation, condensation, precipitation and transpiration. The lesson included reading, discussion and the art-making project, all related to the Common Core standard of understanding how images can clarify text.