If you have a little bit of Cookie Monster in you, it’s a good time to give him free rein. Girl Scout cookie preorders have begun, with sales Feb. 26 through March 13.

Three flavors are new, at least to our area: Thanks-A-Lots, Lemonades and Cranberry Citrus Crisps. To help cookie consumers decide how to best spend their hard-earned dough, we conducted a totally unscientific poll among a select group of Advocate staffers. So here’s how the cookies crumbled:

First, while innovation can be desirable, we all agreed on one thing:

“None of these will cut into the market for the classics. They don’t rise to the level of Thin Mints or Caramel Delights.” (“Om nom nom nom.”)

Among the newcomers, though, there were distinctions.

No. 3: Citrus Cranberry Crisps

Texture was the selling point for these sweet nothings. “The crispiness is great.” And the chewy cranberries were welcome touches. But we wanted more of them.

No. 2: Thanks-A-Lot

“This is best one — it has chocolate on it.”

“Chocolate and shortbread. It’s hard to go wrong.”

The mere presence of chocolate (in a schmear on the bottom) was enough for some people to say “You’re welcome” to this new variety. But one purist thought this cookie wasn’t so smart after all: “It’s not as buttery as the Shortbread. They should leave Shortbread alone.”

Best quote: “If I were 12, I’d be scraping the chocolate off with my teeth.”

And the winner is ...

No. 1: Lemonade

It’s Shortbread with a hint of lemon.

“I’m big into this lemon. It’s got this melt-in-your mouth coating.”

It also scored for appearance. “It’s got fancy faux lemon sections on the cookie.” “They seem to be paying more attention to making them look cute.”

Best quote: “Hmmmm. It’s delightful.”