Man arrested for fatal New Orleans East shooting _lowres

Lloyd Hulitt III

New Orleans police arrested a 25-year-old man on Monday for the Nov. 23 fatal shooting of a Vietnamese-American shrimper inside a second-floor apartment above a New Orleans East barber shop.

Police booked Lloyd Hulitt III on a single count of second degree murder in connection with the killing of Hoang Vu, 44. A warrant signed by Homicide Detective Jamaane Roy revealed little about the investigation other than to report that a “known eyewitness,” who was present during the shooting, identified Hulitt as the shooter.

A judge set bail for Hulitt at $1,000,000 on Monday.

Vu, who immigrated to the United States in the 1980s, lived inside the apartment in the 14400 block of Peltier Drive, in the heart of the city’s Vietnamese-American community, with a woman described by one person as his wife and by another as his girlfriend.

An initial incident report states that the shooter was admitted entry into the apartment. Officers found Vu lying on his back in the bedroom of the apartment with a gunshot wound to his head.

Hulitt’s mother, Rosaline, said she believes police arrested the wrong man for the crime. She said investigators who were given his nickname, “Head,” found the wrong suspect.

“They got plenty of ‘Heads’ out here – that’s what I don’t understand,” said Rosaline Hulitt. “How could they get him confused like that?”

Hulitt, who resides in New Orleans East according to court records, is one of eight children and the father to a 10-year-old girl himself. Rosaline Hulitt said her son has been calling her from jail since his arrest to profess his innocence. She described him as “a real good child. My whole family is shocked, everybody is on the shocked side.”

Hulitt has previous convictions for illegal carrying of a weapon in April 2012, as well as possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia in November 2013, according to court records. He was on probation until November 2016 for the latter conviction.