A man booked Friday with obstructing justice in the investigation of a slain Reserve couple told detectives he helped in an effort to get rid of evidence in the case, according to court documents.

New Orleans police said last week that Steven D. Bradley, 28, of Baton Rouge, was arrested for withholding information from authorities. The warrant for Bradley’s arrest, however, accuses him of playing an active role in a failed cover-up.

Four people have been booked in the February deaths of Lakeitha and Kenneth Joseph, who authorities say were bound with blue rope and dumped into the Intracoastal Waterway in New Orleans East. The Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office has said both Josephs drowned.

Police have not divulged a motive in the case, which has drawn widespread attention in part because the victims were allegedly weighted down in the water by 30-pound kettlebells.

Brittany Martin, 25, and Horatio M. Johnson, a 37-year-old cousin of Kenneth Joseph, turned themselves in earlier this month to face second-degree murder charges. Martin was allegedly caught on a surveillance camera buying two kettlebells, blue utility rope and other materials that detectives believe were related to the killings.

Blood found in a 2010 Dodge Caravan, which Kenneth Joseph had borrowed from his sister shortly before his disappearance, tested positive for a mixture of the slain couple’s blood, police said.

It’s unclear from the latest arrest warrant how much Bradley allegedly knew about the murders. After the killings, he and a man identified as “Blue” received the Caravan from Johnson, “who asked them to clean it out and get rid of it for him,” according to the warrant.

Bradley told detectives he “entered the van and observed blood in the floor of the van’s passenger compartment,” the warrant says. He and Blue then drove the vehicle to the home of Frank Mike Jr., a New Orleans man who according to the FBI admitted driving the vehicle to suburban Atlanta and abandoning it there.

Police said last week that Bradley’s arrest highlighted the perils of withholding information from authorities trying to wrap up their investigation of the high-profile murders. However, the police have not specified which information Bradley is accused of withholding.

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