A teen who New Orleans police believe was involved in the shooting death of a man in the Lower 9th Ward on April 22 was arrested Saturday.

Police said they booked August Garnett, 17, after a Crimestoppers tip led them to the corner of Lizardi and Marais Streets. Police spokesman Officer Frank Robertson said that Detective William Pearson spotted Garnett and gave chase. Garnett bailed out in the 1200 block of Andry Street and allegedly passed off a package to 17-year-old Kendall Celestine while running through a playground.

Garnett and Celestine were both caught. Garnett has been booked with principal to second degree murder, illegal carrying of a firearm, armed robbery and possession of a carjacked vehicle. He was travelling in a black Toyota Camry when police stopped him.

Celestine was booked with marijuana possession.

Garnett was captured Monday just blocks from where he was allegedly took part in the killing of Cantrell at the corner of Alabo and Marais Streets. Police are still looking for his alleged accomplice, James “Ponnie” Lewis, 17.