Machete-wielding man stabs Treme gas station clerk, police say _lowres

Willie Carruth

A man who allegedly walked into a gas station early Thursday morning and slashed an attendant with a machete was arrested after a short standoff with police officers.

Willie Carruth, 48, allegedly walked into the Key’s Fuel Mart at 1139 N. Rampart Street in Treme around 4:13 a.m. and tried to buy beer using someone else’s credit card. When the store’s clerk denied him, police said, Carruth tried to slip out of the store with the beer. The clerk then tried to grab the beer back, which was when Carruth stabbed him in the hand with a machete, police said.

Cops spotted Carruth near the intersection of Columbus and N. Villere streets in the Seventh Ward not long after, at around 5:00 a.m.

With the machete and other cutting objects in hand, he initially refused to surrender.

After what police described as “careful negotiations,” 1st District Officer Lawrence Jones convinced him to lay his weapons down.

After a mental health evaluation, Carruth was booked on counts of aggravated battery, theft of goods and resisting an officer.