Rapper Widner “Flow” Degruy allegedly showed up at the scene of a double murder in New Orleans East on Memorial Day, spotted a cellphone on the ground and acted shocked.

“Hold up, hold up,” DeGruy, a Lil Wayne protege signed to the Young Money label, reportedly said. “That’s my phone.”

Police believe Degruy’s show of surprise was an act. That phone at the murder scene, video surveillance and a series of shifting statements led them to issue warrants for Degruy and Jonathan Evans, 18, who was arrested on Saturday. Degruy remains at large. With Evans’ arrest, his warrant is now public, and it reveals how police believe the pair killed Kendred and Kendrick Bishop in the early morning hours of May 25.

Degruy and Evans had just left the Kia Cadenza in which the Bishop brothers were sitting in the 3800 block of Bright Drive early on the morning of Memorial Day, Homicide Detective Gregory Johnson wrote in the arrest warrant. Within seconds, the two men allegedly returned to unleash a barrage of rounds from an assault rifle and a handgun.

Although one of the brothers apparently attempted to escape through the driver’s side door, he never made it. Aspiring rapper Kendrick “Muddy Cup” Bishop, 22, and his brother Kendred, 18, died at the scene about 5:45 a.m.

Spent shell casings littered the ground. But one of the killers left something else behind as well, police said: a cellphone.

Whether in an attempt to retrieve the phone or to review his deadly handiwork, police said, Degruy returned to the scene when police were there.

When Degruy arrived, he acted as though he had just learned the brothers were dead, in an interaction allegedly caught on an officer’s body-worn camera. He told uniformed officers that he had just been dropped off on the street by the victims but that another person had also been in the car.

Police said Degruy told officers he might have left his phone inside the car, acted shocked to see it on the ground instead and lied about his name.

When pulled in for questioning, however, Degruy’s story changed, police said. He claimed that after being dropped off at home by the Bishop brothers, he opened his door to the sound of gunshots. He ran up to the victims’ car and tried to call the police, but his phone’s screen was cracked.

In a fit of rage at the malfunctioning device, Degruy allegedly told police, he threw the phone on the ground and went home to try to get help.

Despite Degruy’s shifting story, police decided on May 25 that they did not have enough evidence to arrest him. Degruy took to Instagram and posted a picture of the older Bishop with a caption that read in part “Love u Blood.”

When police were able to examine video surveillance from Bright Drive, however, they saw footage they believed depicted Degruy and another man running from the brothers’ car immediately after the murder.

On June 2, police announced they had obtained a warrant for Degruy’s arrest on two counts of second-degree murder. After police released surveillance footage to the public, they said, Crimestoppers tipsters identified Degruy’s alleged accomplice as Evans.

Around 7:30 p.m. Saturday, someone called police to report a suspicious person with a gun near Franklin and Dreux avenues in Gentilly.

As police approached in a marked vehicle, Evans allegedly began to run through a property on Painters Street. Police said it took three officers to put Evans in handcuffs as he tried to climb back to his feet.

Evans gave police a bogus name, they said, and claimed he had run only because he had a joint in his hand. No weapons were found nearby.

Back at the station, when a detective ran the false name Evans gave — Krease James — a photo of another man entirely popped up, and Evans realized the jig was up, police said. He allegedly attempted to lunge headfirst through the district station’s window.

This time it took four officers to bring him under control and shackle him in an interrogation room, police said.

Finally, another detective, Patrick Crowley, convinced Evans to admit his real name.

Evans has been booked on two counts of second-degree murder, criminal damage to property, escape, resisting an officer, criminal trespass and a probation violation. He is being held at Orleans Parish Prison.

Degruy is still on the loose.

In 2013, he eluded St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies for months when they tried to pull him in for an April attempted first-degree murder count. U.S. marshals took him into custody in June 2013 in Oakland, California. The case was later dropped when a witness failed to show up to testify against Degruy.

New Orleans police now intend to book him on two counts of murder.