New Orleans police shot at suspect they said was fleeing murder scene in St. Roch neighborhood _lowres

Kevin Greathouse

A judge set bail at $85,000 Tuesday for a teenager accused of steering his Acura toward a State Police trooper after fleeing a murder scene.

New Orleans police said several officers fired shots at Kevin Greathouse, 17, as he drove his car toward a state trooper during a pursuit on Almonaster Avenue early Monday morning.

Police said they had been following Greathouse from the scene of a killing at Franklin Avenue and North Prieur Street just moments earlier. They said witnesses had identified the car as the one used in the killing of an unidentified man.

Greathouse was arrested after arriving later at a hospital to seek treatment for a gunshot wound to his right shoulder.

Police booked Greathouse on counts of aggravated assault and resisting a police officer with force. It is not clear whether they also are treating him as a suspect in the killing, which happened about 12:10 a.m. Monday.

Greathouse was still wearing a blue hospital gown under his orange jail jumpsuit as he appeared Tuesday in court, where his attorney and a prosecutor argued over the seriousness of the charges against him.

He suppressed a yawn as his public defender insisted that Greathouse had “steered his vehicle around the police car, not at it.”

She asked for a low bail, adding that Greathouse lives with his mother and is a rising senior at Crescent Leadership Academy, an alternative school for students who have faltered elsewhere.

Assistant District Attorney Michael Henn pointed out that in just a few months as a 17-year-old — in other words, as an adult in the eyes of Louisiana — Greathouse had racked up several arrests.

“He’s already picked up four felony charges — and these last two that we’re addressing here today are quite, quite serious,” Henn said.

Ad hoc Magistrate Judge Walter Rothschild sided with the prosecutor, noting that the troopers were in uniform and a marked vehicle at the time of the incident.