Size of Orleans jail, whom it will house still a matter of debate _lowres

Advocate staff photo by MATTHEW HINTON--Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin N. Gusman gives a tour of the new $145 million dollar Phase II Orleans Parish jail in New Orleans, La. Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2014.

The Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office is searching for a juvenile offender who cut off his electronic monitoring bracelet and fled. The young male, who the office declined to identify because he is not charged in the adult system, was originally booked with simple burglary and illegally carrying a weapon. A warrant for his arrest has now been issued on additional charges of criminal damage to property and tampering with an electronic monitoring device. The juvenile judge overseeing the offender’s case has also been alerted.

Deputies received an alert at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday through the Omnilink monitoring system that the ankle bracelet had been severed. They have recovered the device.

Sheriff Marlin Gusman has been trying to transfer supervision of the electronic monitoring program to the NOPD for months, saying it’s too much work for his strapped office to handle. The troubled program came under scrutiny last September after a juvenile breached the terms of his supervision in the hours before he and another teen allegedly shot to death a Domino’s pizza delivery driver.

New Orleans Inspector General Ed Quatrevaux also published a report in late 2014 that faulted the program for poor record keeping and lax oversight by Gusman’s staff.