Lindy Boggs inspires history performance _lowres

Photo provided by Mateer family--Macy Mateer incorporated an interview with U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise into her award-winning performance highlighting 'Lindy Boggs' Legacy of Leadership.' From left are Mateer's mother, Lesley Mateer, Scalise and Macy Mateer.

Inspired by the leadership and legacy of Lindy Boggs, the first woman elected to Congress from Louisiana, Macy Mateer, 15, of Pensacola Beach, Florida, won the 2015 Silver Medal in the National History Day competition.

Mateer’s mother, Lesley Mateer, is from New Orleans, and her grandmother Jean Rice lives here.

Mateer competed in the senior individual performance category of the competition, which had the theme “Leadership and Legacies in History.”

Mateer worked closely with Tulane University’s library and Louisiana Research Center to complete her project.

When Boggs’ daughter Cokie Roberts viewed a video of Mateer’s performance, “There’s No Need to Be Rude: Lindy Boggs’ Legacy of Leadership,” she said Mateer had “truly captured the essence of Momma.”