Hours after his supposed girlfriend’s body was found in pieces on Interstate 10 in Metairie last week, 23-year-old Adam “Sip” Littleton answered a phone call from her mother and other relatives asking him what had happened, according to State Police.

Littleton first said he and 19-year-old Jasilas “Chyna” Wright had been having a heated argument while they were driving on the highway, so he “let her out of the car,” police allege. But after being pressed by Wright’s mother and family members listening in on a speaker phone, Littleton switched his story, claiming his girlfriend “suddenly decided to commit suicide” by jumping out of the car while it was headed west on I-10.

Littleton hung up and ignored numerous calls back when Wright’s relatives tried to grill him about why he hadn’t stopped to help her, according to State Police.

Wright’s family immediately suspected that Littleton was responsible for her death. And on Sunday the native of Madison, Mississippi, was booked into Orleans Parish Prison after surrendering a day earlier to authorities in Shreveport on warrants accusing him of kidnapping Wright in the French Quarter and murdering her.

Court papers filed after Littleton was jailed in New Orleans provide the most complete narrative yet about the circumstances surrounding the death of Wright, whose remains were spread out over a distance of about 800 yards when they were discovered at 5 a.m. Wednesday.

Not long after Wright died from blunt-force injuries caused by traffic on I-10, State Police investigators recovered her cellphone and interviewed Wright’s mother, Nedra Wright.

Nedra Wright said her daughter had been dancing for tips at the Bourbon Street clubs Stiletto’s Cabaret and Centerfolds but moved to Dallas this spring to look for better job prospects.

In a separate interview with Wright’s godmother, State Police said, investigators learned that the 19-year-old would call her grandmother in tears, crying about how she wanted to come home from Texas but couldn’t.

In another set of interviews, State Police wrote in an affidavit, investigators learned from Wright’s fellow dancers that she occasionally worked as a paid escort and that Littleton was her “pimp.” Wright’s photographs appeared on some online escort ads, including one that was posted for the Dallas area in the latter -part of May.

Nonetheless, Jasilas Wright and Littleton — who has dreadlocks, a mustache and a distinctive skull-and-crossbones tattoo on his throat — came to New Orleans a couple of weeks before her death and were staying as guests at Nedra Wright’s home in Hollygrove.

On the last night her mother saw her alive, Jasilas Wright left all of her luggage and clothes at her mother’s house and headed to Stiletto’s, State Police said.

Two hours after Jasilas was found dead on the interstate, a friend of hers called Nedra Wright and asked if her daughter had made it home from work. When Nedra said, “No,” the friend grew upset, explaining that Jasilas had left the French Quarter with Littleton while bickering with him bitterly.

Other dancers who spoke with investigators later corroborated that Jasilas had been seen leaving Stiletto’s with Littleton, who was driving a gray Toyota Camry with black rims and tinted windows.

Nedra Wright got Littleton’s phone number from her daughter’s friend. He picked up after a few call attempts and gave the differing accounts about Jasilas’ death, State Police said.

To those who heard Littleton’s version of events, it seemed “he was either hiding or withholding information,” State Police said.

Investigators then got Littleton’s phone number for themselves and were able to determine that he had used Interstate 20 to drive toward Dallas from Louisiana. After searching Nedra Wright’s home, State Police obtained a warrant to arrest Littleton on one count of second-degree kidnapping, which is punishable by five to 40 years in prison.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office also obtained a warrant to arrest Littleton — but for second-degree murder, which is punishable by life imprisonment.

In Louisiana, any death that occurs in the course of a kidnapping is considered a murder, even if it’s not intentional. The Sheriff’s Office alleged that Wright before her death had pleaded with Littleton to let her out of the car, but he refused.

The Sheriff’s Office announced the warrants on Saturday morning, and within hours Littleton turned himself in to the Shreveport Police Department. Shreveport police booked Littleton as a fugitive, and he was transferred to New Orleans’ jail Sunday evening.

He is being held in New Orleans on the kidnapping count, and State Police obtained a court order to take a DNA swab from him.

Littleton’s bail for the kidnapping count was set Monday at $150,000, but he won’t be able to bond out of jail because of the Jefferson murder warrant.

Jasilas Wright leaves behind a 10-month-old son, Patrick. A bank fund set up in Wright’s name and for Patrick’s benefit is accepting donations at all Capital One branches, family friend Candince McMillian said.

Wright’s funeral will be at 10 a.m. Saturday at Second Mount Carmel Baptist Church, 2601 Dryades St. in New Orleans. Burial will follow at Carrollton Cemetery.