le petit motel

Le Petit Motel (image via Google Maps)

Abandoned since Hurricane Katrina, a wing of the Le Petit Motel could soon see new life. 

The dilapidated property at 2836 Tulane Avenue could soon be turned into five, one-bedroom apartments, according to a report from Mid-City Messenger

The hotel was sold in April, 2016 for $725,000 to San Francisco restaurateur Nicholas Fasanella and Devin Vermeulen, an architect-designer in New York.

The architect for the project, Raymond C. Bergeron, recently sumbitted an application for the renovation of the site across from the former motel's main building, which is set to be demolished. 

The building, which would be renamed to the LePetite Apartments, would feature natural wood floors, granite countertops and cost $1,500 per month, according to the report. The developers have requested a waiver for the propoerty, as the proposed square footage of 534 square feet is more than 250 feet shot of the minimum required. 

If approved the project is expected to be completed by March, 2018. 

For the full report from Mid-City Messenger, click here.