The NOPD is investigating one of its own after a late Tuesday night traffic stop put someone in the hospital.

Little information was immediately available about the incident, which occurred near the intersection of Thalia and South Saratoga streets in Central City.

NOPD spokesman Officer Frank Robertson said the man involved became “combative” during a traffic stop. The Office of the Independent Police Monitor said it was concerned about what had happened.

“We are concerned about the amount of force that was used,” Deputy Monitor Simone Levine said. “We are concerned about the officer, about his use of force.”

The civilian involved remains in the hospital.

Robertson said the NOPD’s Public Integrity Bureau is actively investigating whether the “proper level” of force was used in taking the person into custody. The officer under investigation had activated his body-worn camera and has been placed on temporary reassignment.

“Up til this point, we haven’t seen any problems with the investigation,” Levine said.