Mount Carmel Academy is best school for French in SLU competition _lowres

Photo provided by Southeastern Louisiana University -- Students from Mount Carmel Academy were among the winners at the Foreign Language Festival held at Southeastern Louisiana University in March. From left are Jordan Berry, Katie Kinchen, Caroline Nogues, Alexis DeSalvo, Madeline Eustis, Gabrielle Tomba and Natalie Naquin.

Mount Carmel Academy of New Orleans and The Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts of Natchitoches took top honors at the 33rd annual Foreign Language Festival at Southeastern Louisiana University March 20.

The festival drew schools from across the state to compete in Spanish and French poetry, prose, and extemporaneous speaking categories and as groups in music and plays.

Mount Carmel took top honors in Tier 1, the division for magnet schools and schools with more than 600 students, while The Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts garnered the highest award for Tier 2, schools with fewer than 600 students.

The best school in Spanish was The Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts, and best school in French was Mount Carmel Academy.

In the French play category, Mount Carmel Academy was first. In the Spanish play category, Northlake Christian School was first.

The individual winners from Jefferson Parish were both from Academy of Our Lady: Julie Enos was third in Spanish Prose I, and Alexis Ramirez was third in Spanish music.

The individual winners from Mount Carmel were: Gabrielle Tomba, French Prose I, first; Natalie Naquin, French Prose II, first; Madeline Eustis, French Prose IV, first; Caroline Nogues, French Extemporaneous Speaking II, first; Allee Lamy, French Prose III, second; Emily Schneider, French Poetry II, second; Sabrina Langlois, French Poetry IV, second; Shyla Slater, French Extemporaneous Speaking III, second; Shelby Dwyer, French music, second; Isabelle Dugas, French Poetry I, third; Vanessa Barrios, French Poetry III, third; Meredith Noonan, French Extemporaneous Speaking I, third; Jessica Smith, French Extemporaneous Speaking IV, third; Alexis DeSalvo, Spanish Prose III, first; Jordan Berry, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking I, first; Claire Bourgeois, Spanish Prose II, second; Alexis Aviles, Spanish Poetry III, third; Rae Comeaux, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking II, third; and Hannah Dheming, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking IV, third.

Individual winners from De La Salle High School were: Liam McMahan, French Extemporaneous Speaking II, second; Kane Cook, French Poetry II, third; Raquel Nunez, Spanish poetry–native speaker, second; Alexis Hatzgionidi, Spanish extemporaneous speaking–native speaker, second; Alex Boudlock, Spanish music, second; and Regan Borinitzki, Spanish Prose III, third.