Judge Frank Marullo’s son accused of domestic strangulation _lowres

Pascal Marullo

The son of a well-known New Orleans judge has been arrested again, accused this time of domestic battery by strangulation.

Pascal Marullo, 38, was booked Thursday after police said he choked his live-in girlfriend about 4 p.m. Thursday in their Uptown home. He is one of the sons of Criminal District Court Judge Frank Marullo, the longest-serving jurist in the state.

Ad hoc Magistrate Judge Walter Rothschild set a Monday bail hearing for Pascal Marullo after his first appearance on Friday morning. He also issued a protective order, which Marullo signed and agreed to observe, requiring him not to go near the woman.

Marullo and the girlfriend got into an argument about a cellphone that then became physical, according to a statement read by Assistant District Attorney Michael Henn. The statement said Marullo choked the woman with both hands . She then ran outside the house and called police.

Marullo, who listed his occupation as construction, has a lengthy criminal record. In 1998, he was convicted of negligent injuring and possession of a firearm in a Tulane Avenue bar. In 2002, he was arrested and booked on a count of aggravated battery, although he was never charged in that case.

Marullo’s most serious conviction stemmed from a car crash after a courthouse Christmas Party held by his father in December 2003. As he drove a court reporter from a Jefferson Parish home after the party, the car he was driving struck a truck at Canal and Derbigny streets. He failed several field sobriety tests, and a blood intoxication test was taken at Charity Hospital.

Doctors there did not detect a ruptured intestine in Marullo’s passenger, 43-year-old Lisa Ann Broussard, and she died several weeks later of an infection.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving called for Marullo to be charged with vehicular homicide, according to Times-Picayune reports at the time, but District Attorney Eddie Jordan said the hospital’s misdiagnosis made it too difficult to make that charge stick. The case was further weakened by a judge’s ruling that Marullo’s blood test could not be used as evidence because he had protested it in the hospital.

Marullo pleaded guilty to vehicular negligent injury in 2007 and was sentenced to one year in jail.

Frank Marullo was not present for his son’s appearance in court Friday morning. He has been barred from hearing cases since a February decision by the Louisiana Supreme Court. The court is deciding whether he is too old under the state constitution to sit on the bench.