The Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office on Monday released the names of two victims who died during separate shootings on Friday and Saturday.

Barry Blackwell, 29, died on the South Broad Street overpass Friday afternoon in a shooting spree that left one other victim wounded.

He was allegedly shot by Alvin Richardson who was arrested Saturday in Gretna. Police believe Richardson may be mentally disturbed. They said he called the Gretna Police Department on Saturday and complained that someone was following him, then acknowledged that he had committed the shooting.

He faces two counts of attempted murder and one count of second degree murder in New Orleans.

The other victim named by the coroner’s office was Bryant Phillips who died Saturday night in New Orleans East. At about 10 p.m. NOPD officers found Phillips, 44, fatally shot inside a red Chevy Impala in the 6500 block of Coveview Court.

Police have not caught a shooter in the case. Detective Amy Robinson is running the investigation. She can be reached at 504-658-5300.