Don Lemon

CNN news anchors Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin are once again spending New Year's Eve broadcasting from New Orleans, site of some liquor-fueled antics by Lemon last year.

Baldwin, responding to a Twitter question, said Tuesday that, "We are indeed heading back to NOLA. Ohhhhh."

During last year's national New Year's Eve broadcast, Lemon ended the night with a freshly pierced ear, a tequila hangover and the distinction of being the first TV personality of 2017 to have his microphone cut off during a live broadcast.

"I need a little more. Pour me a little more. A little more. Perfect," Lemon was heard saying just after the clock struck midnight. "So, 2016 was awful."

Lemon, a native of Baton Rouge, anchors CNN Tonight with Don Lemon during weekday prime-time and serves as a correspondent across CNN/U.S. programming.

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