New Orleans man shot by homeowner on Louisiana Avenue after a dispute _lowres

Yellow police tape screens off an area of a shooting in New Orleans.

As a handful of Entergy workers sat on a Central City stoop on Tuesday, they suddenly heard 10 shots rattle off like a nail gun across Louisiana Avenue.

A man had been shot, and an altercation that sent dozens of neighbors out onto the street had begun.

NOPD spokesman Officer Garry Flot said police received a call about noon that a homeowner, 45, had shot another man, 40, outside his home in the 2100 block of Louisiana Avenue.

When police arrived on the scene, they found the victim lying near the front steps of the house with multiple gunshot wounds. He was taken to the hospital, where he was listed in stable condition.

The man’s wife told that her husband had shot the man inside the house. She said pipes and wires had repeatedly been stolen from the property in the last week and her husband believed the man was a burglar.

NOPD 6th District Cmdr. Ronnie Stevens, who was at the scene, ushered the woman inside the crime scene perimeter and away from reporters. Minutes later, she was driven away in a police vehicle.

One neighbor said he did not know why the shooting began, but he was outraged at how the homeowner treated the wounded man after shooting him. Larry Gaskins said that when he heard the shots, he walked down the street to see what was happening.

“The dude was begging for his life,” Gaskins said of the victim. “The dude said, ‘Please, don’t shoot me anymore.’ ”

After emptying one clip, Gaskins said, the homeowner asked his wife for another. She produced one from her purse.

At one point, the homeowner kicked the wounded man as he lay on the ground, Gaskins claimed.

“There was no need to do him like that,” Gaskins said. “You ain’t got the right to commence to kicking.”

As the homeowner hovered over the wounded man with a gun, Gaskins said, he ordered onlookers to call the police. A crowd of neighbors gathered on the street to try to figure out what had happened, some of them angry at the homeowner for shooting the man.

One member of the Entergy crew offered a similar account. As the victim tried to escape, said the crew member, the homeowner pointed a gun at him and said, “You move again, I’m going to kill you.”

The Entergy crew member declined to give his name, saying he was afraid that the homeowner could target him or his family for speaking about the incident.

“He shot at a guy 10 times, you know what I’m saying?” explained the worker.

Police spokesman Flot said Tuesday night that the homeowner, Luiz Delima, has been booked on one count of aggravated battery by shooting.