Two men convicted on racketeering, drug and gun charges earlier this month were sentenced Wednesday to several decades in prison in the first case against members of the notorious Harvey Hustlers gang to go to trial.

The sentence for Robert Williams, the gang’s leader, amounts to 95 years in prison, while Alcus Smith, the gang’s drug supplier, will serve 50 years.

Both men got the maximum of 50 years on the racketeering charge, but their sentences are likely to grow next month when prosecutors ask 24th Judicial District Court Judge Henry Sullivan to resentence them as multiple felony offenders.

Williams, 35, was convicted of racketeering; distribution of cocaine; two counts of conspiracy to distribute cocaine, heroin and marijuana; and three counts related to illegally possessing a stolen firearm as a felon.

Smith, 29, was convicted of racketeering, distribution of cocaine and two counts of conspiracy to distribute heroin, cocaine and marijuana.

The jury deadlocked on a second-degree murder charge that would have sent Smith to prison for life.

Smith could be prosecuted again on the murder charge if the Jefferson Parish District Attorney’s Office chooses to do so.

The two men were among 39 people indicted in state and federal courts on racketeering, drug and weapons charges earlier this year.

Authorities say members of the Harvey Hustlers ran large quantities of marijuana, cocaine and heroin into West Jefferson, breaking the drugs down for street-level sales, making crack from powder cocaine and distributing it all through a network of gang members from an apartment on Aberdeen Drive.

Hustlers flaunted their “HH” logo on clothing, jewelry and YouTube, formed subgroups called “Murder Squad” and “YBS” and terrorized West Jefferson neighborhoods through drug dealing, illegal guns, intimidation and murder, prosecutors said.

The gang has been linked to seven killings.

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