Brenda Jacobs killed her husband last week, authorities say. If so, it was not the first time.

New Orleans police say Jacobs has confessed to stabbing her latest unlucky spouse in the same Treme home where she shot a previous husband 25 years ago under similar circumstances.

A judge on Monday set bail for Jacobs, 62, at $250,000 on a single count of second-degree murder for the killing of Billie Ray Jacobs. Police said she admitted she killed him last week after an argument at their home at 2039 Dumaine St.

Billie Ray Jacobs’ relatives said their suspicions were first aroused on Wednesday night when they went to the house and no one answered the door. They returned the next day and saw him slumped over the kitchen table through a window. But his back was turned to them, so they could not tell what was wrong.

When they knocked on the door, according to an arrest warrant written by Homicide Detective Barret Morton, Brenda Jacobs answered that she was “getting dressed” and did not let them inside. She never returned to the door, according to the warrant.

Finally, about 9 a.m. Friday, Billie Ray’s relatives went to the house again. They saw Brenda Jacobs crying in a grassy area near the kitchen door, saw Billie Ray covered in blood and called 911.

Investigators encountered a bloody mess of a scene once they got inside, according to the warrant. The victim was covered in blood. The couple’s two dogs also had been stabbed several times, although not fatally.

On the same kitchen table that Billie Ray was slouched against, police found a blood-stained kitchen knife and an open spiral notebook with a handwritten note.

Brenda Jacobs had written that the couple would soon be out on the street because they were losing their home, and that she had planned to kill her husband, their dogs and herself so they could be at peace.

The home has been listed as delinquent on tax bills since February, city records show.

After she was picked up at the scene, Brenda Jacobs was taken to University Medical Center in an ambulance for treatment of what the warrant described as “extreme abdominal discomfort.” The cause of the condition was not clear.

When Jacobs was interviewed by officers, according to the warrant, she told them her husband was an alcoholic who demanded she give him money for liquor. She said she “found herself stabbing him” during the course of the dispute.

Police estimated that Billie Ray Jacobs had been dead for at least 48 hours by the time they got there.

In September 1990, Jacobs got into a dispute with a previous husband, Clarence Darrell Williams, 39, that ended similarly. According to a Times-Picayune article that appeared at the time, Williams came home early one Saturday morning from a late night out, and the couple got into an argument.

Jacobs, who was then known as Brenda Williams, pulled out a .38-caliber revolver from beneath a mattress and shot her husband below the left temple, police said. He was dead by the time officers arrived.

Jacobs pleaded guilty to manslaughter in September 1991. She was sentenced to five years in prison in January 1992.