Donald Trump may have fans in Louisiana, but they probably won't agree with his assessment of former New Orleans Saints coach Mike Ditka as a "total winner."

In an interview with Chicago Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed, the Republican presidential candidate said that he has "always loved Mike Ditka."

“I’d love to have Mike involved in some capacity," Trump said in the interview. "Why? Because Mike knows how to win and our politicians don’t. He’s a great guy. A total winner. A totally great guy and a total winner."

Trump was speaking in response to a column Ditka wrote for the Sun-Times, where he wrote that Trump “has the fire in his belly to make America great again.”

Longtime Saints fans will likely take offense to any sentence that pairs the words "Ditka" and "winner." Ditka had a 15-33 record in his three years as head coach for the Saints from 1997-1999 and never finished a season better than 6-10.

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