West Bank — Two West Bank women with a history of arrests involving children were arrested again Wednesday in separate incidents.

Danielle Walton, 36, of Westwego, and Brittney Hubbs, 24, of Algiers, both have had previous issues involving either abuse or neglect of children, according to arrest records. Walton was booked with child desertion for the third time in two years Wednesday, and for the second time in less than a week. Hubbs was booked with second-degree cruelty to a juvenile but was already on probation for a prior conviction for the same charge in 2011. Both women remained in custody Thursday afternoon.

Based on court records, the accusations against Hubbs are the most serious. Police were called to a local hospital Wednesday after a 1-year-old showed up with a fractured leg. When police began questioning Hubbs, the child’s mother, she told them that the girl was fine when she dropped her off at her aunt’s house earlier that day but seemed to have leg pain later.

However, according to court records, as a detective began questioning Hubbs, she showed signs of agitation including biting her lip and throwing her phone to the floor. The detective did a background check on Hubbs and discovered her prior conviction. Under more questioning, Hubbs eventually admitted to punching the girl in the leg because she wouldn’t stop crying earlier that day. A medical examination determined that the child’s injuries might have been caused by blunt force trauma.

Hubbs has a conviction for second-degree cruelty in an incident involving another young relative. She received three years probation in that case and as part of her probation was supposed to receive counseling. Just last week, Hubbs had a status hearing, and the court determined that she was doing fine with her counseling and keeping all mental health appointments, according to court records. Hubbs is being held on $75,000 bond.

In Walton’s case, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office found her 3-year-old son wandering in a mobile home community near Westwego. A deputy was called out the area after receiving a report of a toddler wandering alone in the 200 block of Circle West Drive.

The deputy was able to locate the boy, who was uninjured, and take him to an office within the community. According to the arrest report, Walton showed up several minutes asking about the child’s whereabouts. The report states that Walton only learned that the child was missing after a neighbor alerted her that the police had collected the boy.

Walton had a prior arrest for child desertion in 2010 and another arrest Jan. 18 for the same offense.