New Orleans — The latest survey of New Orleans residents shows that satisfaction with the New Orleans Police Department has increased, even as city officials discuss moving forward with federal monitoring of the department.

The New Orleans Crime Coalition released the seventh installment of its ongoing look at the public’s perception of New Orleans police Tuesday. The survey shows that from August to December, satisfaction with the Police Department has increased by 2 percent after declining in the previous six-month period. Resident satisfaction with the Police Department was listed at 58 percent, according to a news release.

New Orleans Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas said the recent survey results only confirm what the department has seen in its own discussions. Police are making inroads in establishing relationships with the public, he said, and that will only benefit the department.

Serpas noted that there have been six surveys during his tenure, and the trends have remained positive throughout the program. Serpas said that the most recent survey shows that the majority of residents are satisfied with the individual police districts in their neighborhoods.

However, the survey notes that in high-performing police departments that figure tends to be around 70 percent.

“We are slowly but surely turning in the right direction on important principles,” Serpas noted. “I think all of us look to these surveys to be a far more important picture of where we’re going then just crime numbers.”

According to the survey, residents’ impressions of how police handle violent crime have improved by nearly 10 percent since the beginning of the year. There also was a small bump up in the belief that officers were removing narcotics from neighborhoods, the report found.

The survey considers nine different categories to determine the overall satisfaction figures.

Those categories are violent crime, property crime, removing narcotics, enforcing traffic laws, cooperating with the public, honesty and integrity, professionalism, attitude and behaviors and overall competence.

The NOCC hired Wilson Research Strategies to conduct the survey, and it was done by phone from March 12 to 14. The company conducted 75 interviews in each of the of the city’s eight police districts to generate the numbers.