A young woman walking to a bus stop in the Treme neighborhood was fatally shot Monday morning blocks from her home.

The victim, identified by loved ones as Erica Davis, 24, was on her way to work at a Wendy’s restaurant in Metairie when she was gunned down.

The shooting happened shortly after 9 a.m. in the 1200 block of North Robertson Street, near Gov. Nicholls Street. The woman was found lying in the street, having been shot multiple times.

“When I walked up, I just saw her body and her bag and her shoe on the ground,” said Fredrika Lowe, Davis’ girlfriend of seven years. “The police just told me to back up, and they wouldn’t tell me what was wrong with her.”

Davis was taken to University Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead. No arrests have been made, and the motive for the shooting remained unclear.

Detectives canvassed the neighborhood in search of surveillance footage and could be seen interviewing neighbors.

The shooting left Davis’ friends and family grasping for answers and pleading for information.

“We had plans,” Lowe said. “That’s my everything. She’s sweet. I don’t understand how this could even happen to her.”

Davis’ grandmother, Mayola Davis, was among the first people to return to North Robertson after police finished processing the crime scene. She said she wanted to see exactly where her granddaughter lost her life.

“We’re going to dearly miss her,” Mayola Davis said. “She was just a young girl. It’s hurting right now.”

James Farrell, who lives in the 1600 block of Gov. Nicholls, said he heard the gunfire. “Two shots, small-caliber, sounded like a .22, maybe a Glock,” he said. “Two shots right after each other.”

The shooting happened down the street from Lil’ Dizzy’s Cafe on Esplanade Avenue, where several patrons sipped coffee and seemed unfazed by the flurry of police activity.

A block away, a young woman who gave her name only as Jamie recalled hearing three or four shots, which she said she initially mistook for the sound of hammering.

Jamie was paralyzed by gunfire in 2009 in New Orleans — a shooting that confined her to a wheelchair.

In what appeared to be a coincidence, she said a friend of hers, Tralin James, 25, was slain in New Orleans East earlier Monday morning. She said James was gunned down shortly after leaving the home where he was staying in Treme.

Police said that shooting happened before 1 a.m. on Interstate 10 at the Crowder Boulevard on-ramp. James’ body was found inside a red Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

“It makes you not want to come back here anymore,” Jamie said of the city’s gun violence.

The New Orleans Police Department asked anyone with information about Erica Davis’ killing to call detectives at (504) 658-5300.

“If you know anything or seen anything, please just call and let them know,” Lowe said. “Let the police know what’s going on.”

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