Former WWL-AM talk-show host John “Spud” McConnell is without a microphone once again after Catholic radio station WQNO-AM abruptly canceled a show he launched with his wife, Maureen, after less than a week on the air.

“Spud & Mo: The Family Business” was pulled from the afternoon lineup on Monday. David Dawson, president and general manager of Catholic Community Radio, delivered the news, McConnell said.

“This morning, he called us up and pulled the plug on the whole thing,” McConnell said.

The show was supposed to feature the McConnells chatting with on-air guests and callers.

The lineup of the Catholic radio station is stacked with shows like “Christ Is the Answer,” “Call to Communion” and “The Holy Rosary with Sister Dulce Maria.”

McConnell said he and his family are practicing Catholics and that he was approached by the radio station to do the show after Entercom affiliate 3WL laid him off in January. But he said his two-hour block, which last week featured a doctor who specializes in ALS, apparently wasn’t religious enough for the station’s management.

“I don’t know. … I don’t think they knew what they wanted,” he said. “We should have been evangelizing the whole time, but they asked us to be ourselves. I’m doing what I did for the last 10 years, what made me a top radio host.

“We were prepared to expand the religion aspect of the show,” he said. “You want something different? Let’s sit down and talk about it.”

Dawson could not be reached for comment.

McConnell, 56, said he and Maureen are discussing their next step. Over the past 26 years, he has often portrayed former Louisiana Gov. Huey P. Long in a popular one-man show, “The Kingfish.” The couple is performing in “The Bickersons” on April 23 at Chateau Golf and Country Club.

McConnell was laid off in January after 15 months as host of “The Spud Show” on 3WL, an operation of WWL Radio’s owner, Entercom. He was the host of a talk show on WWL-AM for many years before he was moved to 3WL in 2013.