Gretna students compete with social studies research papers _lowres

Photo provided by Ruppel Academy for Advanced Studies -- Winners in the Ruppel Academy Research Paper Social Studies Fair are, front row from left, Ricki Pierce, Isabella Bordelon, Russell Rawls, Roman Christian and Sheridan Kelly. In the second row are Kyle Walker, Vivian Nguyen, Damon Martin, Grace McLean, Meagan Jones and Caden Paternostro. In the back row are Mohammad Abdelwahhab, Minh Do, Joshua LeBouef, Stephen Friedman Jr. and Cameron Tompson. To the left is social studies department chair Ronald Clark.

When the Research Paper Social Studies Fair was held recently at Ruppel Academy for Advanced Studies in Gretna, there were winners in the categories of anthropology, Louisiana history, geography, history, sociology, political science and economics.

The anthropology winners were Mohammad Abdelwahhab, first, for “What were the Different Religions in the Holy City of Jerusalem?”; Minh Do, second, for “How do the Customs of Ancient Greece Affect Modern Day Life?”; and Joshua LeBouef, third, for “What Impact did the Aztec Ruler have on his Kingdom?”

The Louisiana history winners were Stephen Friedman Jr., first, for “The History of Jackson Square”; and Cameron Tompson, second, for “Huey P. Long: Leader & Legacy.”

The geography winners were Kyle Walker, first, for “Ten Natural Wonders of the World”; Vivian Nguyen, second, for “How Pompeii & Herculaneum Reacted to Vesuvius”; and Damon Martin, third, for “Why are the 7 Wonders of the World So Beautiful & Such a Good Sight to See?”

The history winners were Grace McLean, first, for “Who was Anne Frank?”; Meagan Jones, second, for “Who were the Tuskegee Airmen & What Was Their Role in WWII?”; and Caden Paternostro, third, for “How Did the D-Day Invasion Affect WWII?”

The sociology winners were Ricki Pierce, first, for “What Effect Did the Most Famous Voodoo Priestess have on the Crescent City?”; Isabella Bordelon, second, for “Why Do People Burn Books?”; and Russell Rawls, third, for “Gun Control.”

The political science winner was Roman Christian for “How Do the 3 Branches of Government Work?”

The economics winner was Sheridan Kelly for “Economic Effect of WWII on the United States.”