A New Orleans man accused of participating in an Easter Sunday murder has been rebooked on an allegation that he raped a woman in January while his father recorded the crime on a cellphone.

Dewing Alveris, 26, was booked on a first-degree rape count Wednesday.

Police allege that his father taped the sexual assault while Alveris’ “main prostitute” held the victim at gunpoint, and both the father and that woman have been booked on counts of being a principal to first-degree rape.

Police allege that after Alveris raped the unnamed victim inside an Algiers residence Jan. 2, he threatened to kill her and her family members if she told anyone.

They say he also participated in the March 27 murder of a 34-year-old father of three named Arthur Victor III, but they have not said whether they believe the two crimes are connected.

According to a warrant sworn by Sex Crimes Unit Detective Jessica Williams, the victim in the first incident told police that she arrived at a residence in the 2800 block of Kent Drive to meet with Alveris, whom she owed $200.

The woman told police that as soon as she arrived, Bryisha Pennington grabbed her by the hair and pulled her inside. The woman said Pennington, 29, was Alveris’ girlfriend and his “main prostitute.”

After grabbing the woman’s purse and car keys, according to the warrant, Pennington forced the woman into a rear room and held her at gunpoint until Alveris arrived.

Pennington then gave the victim’s keys to Dewing Hickerson, 48, who left in the vehicle, the warrant says. The woman described Hickerson, Alveris’ father, as his partner in a prostitution ring.

When Alveris returned, according to the warrant, the woman held at gunpoint “told Alveris she had his money and did not want any problems. The victim stated Alveris told her it was too late and that she had to make up for her delay in repayment by having sex with him.”

Alveris raped the woman as Pennington watched with a gun at the ready, according to the warrant. At the same time, police allege, Hickerson entered the room and began filming the rape on his cellphone.

Once the rape was finished, police said, Alveris rummaged through the victim’s purse and took $400.

For another hour, the warrant says, Alveris held the woman against her will while stating, “If you tell anyone, I will kill you along with your family members.”

The victim told police she took those threats seriously because she knew Alveris had killed someone in the past. Alveris has never been convicted of murder, according to online Orleans Parish court records, but his father was convicted of manslaughter in 1992.

Police allege that two months after Alveris made those threats, he and another man, Dolhman “DJ” Brown Jr., knocked at a double shotgun house in the 4200 block of Hamilton Street on Easter morning.

Alveris had threatened Victor and another person in the house before that day, Homicide Detective Ryan Vaught wrote in a warrant. He said Alveris had warned the pair they had “better have your bulletproof vest.”

Alveris and Brown entered the house, and while Alveris talked to Victor, Brown suddenly shot Victor from behind, police claim. Both attackers then fled.

St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Brown and Alveris last week. Magistrate Judge Harry Cantrell set Brown’s bail on a second-degree murder count at $350,000. A magistrate commissioner set Alveris’ bail on a principal to second-degree murder count at $500,000.

The woman making the rape allegation came forward to police two days after Victor was killed.

Court records show that Victor once lived in the same block in Algiers where the sexual assault is alleged to have occurred and that Pennington once listed an address where the murder took place. But the Police Department did not respond to a request for comment Thursday about whether detectives believe the two incidents were connected.

Alveris’ total bail now stands at $800,000 after he was rebooked Wednesday on counts of armed robbery, first-degree rape and second-degree kidnapping in connection with the Algiers incident.

Bradley Phillips, Alveris’ defense attorney, said, “We’re in the process of gathering evidence, but we intend to fight these charges.” He declined to comment further.

The other two defendants in the rape case were represented by public defenders at their first appearances.

Hickerson’s bail was set at $140,000 on counts of principal to first-degree rape, video voyeurism and unauthorized use of a movable, the rape victim’s car.

Pennington’s bail was set at $220,000. She was removed from the hearing Thursday “due to disruptive behavior,” according to court records.