Shell-shocked? Near 100-pound, 12-year-old tortoise lost, found in Old Metairie, returned to owner _lowres

Photo by Brandi Cavanaugh Gennusa / NOLA Pets Lost and Found Facebook page

It's not every day a 12-year-old, 92-pound tortoise is found roaming Old Metairie.

But apparently that's what happened Tuesday afternoon.

The massive, wandering creature was spotted on Glenwood Drive. Soon after, chatter about the tortoise cropped up on the NOLA Pets Lost and Found Facebook page.

By Tuesday evening, the tortoise was reportedly returned to its rightful owner.

How did the tortoise escape? Why did it venture off on its own? Maybe the tortoise fled because it was a little jealous of its long-lost celebrity tortoise cousin in Tokyo?

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