The odds of getting a ticket for driving without your seat belt fastened in Kenner will be a lot higher during the second half of the month.

The Kenner Police Department will use an overtime traffic enforcement grant from the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission to ramp up enforcement efforts between May 18 and May 31.

“Memorial Day weekend kicks off summer vacation season, and we want to ensure that everyone arrives at their destination safe and sound,” Kenner Police Chief Michael Glaser said. “If you are not wearing your seat belt, you will be ticketed.”

According to national highway statistics, 3,031 of the 21,667 people killed in motor vehicle crashes in 2012 would have survived if occupants 5 and older had worn their seat belts, Glaser said.

He also noted that 62 percent of people between 18 and 34 who were killed in crashes were not wearing their belts.

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