The annual St. Bernard Parish Pet Show was recently held at Paul Noel Gym in Chalmette. Working in cooperation with Dr. Don Duplantier of St. Bernard Veterinary Clinic, St. Bernard Parish 4-H Club members showcased a wide variety of pets ranging from dogs and cats to reptiles, rabbits and rodents.

  • Serving as judges for the event were several members from the Kiwanis Club of St. Bernard-Arabi.
  • The purpose of the pet show was for 4-H members to learn how important it is to be a responsible pet owner. Participants were interviewed by judges on their knowledge of caring for their particular pet. Participants were asked questions such as “How often and what do you feed your pet?” “What vaccinations does your pet need?” “How often do you bathe your pet or clean its cage?”
  • Concluding the event was the Best Dressed Pet competition. Participants were awarded 4-H ribbons.
  • Pet show participants were asked to bring an item to be donated to the St. Bernard Parish Animal Shelter as part of a service project for this event. 4-H Jr. Leaders collected pet toys, blankets, towels, pet treats and food. The items were donated to the local animal shelter on the statewide 4-H Day of Service.
  • In preparation for the pet show, Duplantier attended the November 4-H Club meetings to speak to 4-H members about what being a responsible pet owner means. He covered topics such as spay and neuter, vaccinations against disease and heartworms.

Winners are:

  • SMALL DOGS GROUP 1: First place, Shamaya Cleggett, Arabi Elementary; second place, Lindsey Retif, Arabi Elementary; third place, Sophia Bevans, Arabi Elementary; Blue Ribbon, Olivia Ruiz Gauthier Elemantary; Blue Ribbon, Kvan Lacayo, Arabi Elementary; Blue Ribbon, Kylia Ward, Arabi Elementary.
  • SMALL DOGS GROUP 2: first place, Gavyn Diaz, Davies Elementary; second place, Gatherine Wilson, Lacoste Elementary; third place, Ramiyah Guerra, Arabi Elementary; Blue Ribbon, Trea Laneri, Trist Middle School; Blue Ribbon, Colin Hetler, Gauthier Elementary.
  • SMALL DOGS GROUP 3: first place, Tyler Pentany, Lacoste Elementary; second place, Seth Bulot, Chalmette Elementary; third place, Devin Serpas, Gauthier Elementary; Blue Ribbon, William Bevans, Trist Middle School; Blue Ribbon, Harley Orso, Davies Elementary; Blue Ribbon, Trinity Zambrano, Arabi Elementary.
  • MEDIUM DOGS: first place, Avery Edler, Arabi Elementary; second place, Emily Stout, Trist Middle School; Blue Ribbon, Emily Miller, Trist Middle School; Blue Ribbon, Gracie Guerra, Trist Middle School; Blue Ribbon, Alexus Orso, Trist Middle School; Blue Ribbon, Holli Robin, Gauthier Elementary School.
  • LARGE DOGS: first place, Madison Davis, Trist Middle School; second place, Emma Abadie, Davies Elementary; third place, Imani Bodden, Arabi Elementary; Blue Ribbon, Abigail Coker, Davies Elementary; Blue Ribbon, Alexis Smith, Gauthier Elementary; Blue Ribbon, Elena Ozuna, Arabi Elementary; Blue Ribbon, Gabriel Watson, Davies Elementary; Blue Ribbon, Nicholas Woodson, Davies Elementary.
  • CATS: first place, Payton Adams, Davies Elementary.
  • BIRDS: first place, Keira Hood, Lynn Oaks School; second place, Hannah Farragut, Trist Middle School.
  • FISH, AMPHIBIANS, REPTILES: first place, Thomas Plumstead, Trist Middle School; second place, Logan Price, Arabi Elementary; third place, Kayla Case, Davies Elementary.
  • RABBITS AND RODENTS: tie, first place, Alexis Hauptmann, Arabi Elementary; and Kelsey Farrell, Gauthier Elementary; second place, Grace Abba, Davies Elementary.
  • UNUSUAL PETS (MUST BE DOMESTICATED PET, NO WILD ANIMALS): first place, Alexa Plumstead, Davies Elementary; second place, April Liebert, Arabi Elementary; third place, Alex Cox, Trist Middle.

Best Dressed Pet: first place, Abigail Coker, Davies Elementary; second place, Alexys Smith, Gauthier Elementary; third place, Trinity Zambrano, Arabi Elementary.

For information on St. Bernard 4-H, contact extension agent Lauren Faust at (504) 278-4234.